FMB Jaman Khidmat

"Mumineen ne jaman jamarso, ane ehna pet ma jaman jaase, toh Dua karvi nathi parti, Dua nikli'j jaiche." SEZ Colombo [...]


  • Leveraging Social Media for Business Success Flyer

Social Media Marketing Webinar

Under the patronage of Umoor Iqtesadiyah, Shababul Eidiz Zahabi organized a brief crash course for entrepreneurs and businesses on how to Leverage Social Media for Business Success conducted by Shabab member Mustafa Bhai Mu [...]

Vaccination Refreshments Drive

As the vaccination drives had begun in Colombo, Sri Lanka, members had noticed people lining up in long queues under the scorching heat without water or snacks. The approximate time taken for the whole [...]

Ashara Ohbat & Ashara Mubaraka Khidmat 1442H

Having hearts filled with Shukr for the Azeem Nemat and Sharaf of hosting Ashara Mubarak 1441H in Colombo. SEZ Colombo had the sharaf and naseeb of doing different Khidmat leading towards and during Ashara [...]

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