• Dry Ration Distribution
  • Dry Rations Distribution

Dry Ration Distribution July 2021

SEZ Members took part in a Dry Rations distribution today, 11th July conducted by Shk Aliasger Bhai Upriwala, Shk Husain Bhai Adamally & SEZ at the Town Hall Gardens in the presence of M.T.M.Iqbal [...]

  • SEZ FANTASY LEAGUE: Leaderboard
  • SEZ FANTASY LEAGUE: Leaderboard

Euro 2020: SEZ Fantasy League

Congratulations to the 2020 Euro Cup Champions: Italy! After 51 matches across 31 days of competition, SEZ Members battled it out to be the top fantasy football manager by selecting an imaginary team of [...]

Poem: To Identify a True Believer

To Identify a True Believer, "Bawaji Saheb ye' Africa si wada' thati waqt aa'misl farmayu'thu, e'j misl aa'j me' kahu chu: Ma'thu nichu' kari ne', a'nkh masi a'nsu nikali ne', ikhlaas si mane' yaad [...]

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