On this auspicious day of Zikra, the ‘Jewel’ of the Imam and ‘Aqeeq’ of Yemen, our Moula TUS, honoured us by considering us his ‘Jewels’. The same precious Jewels that physically gathered at the Janaza and Qabr of Syedna al Muqaddas RA.

He considered us worthy of revealing his treasured Jewels. Imam AS states in Ikhwan al Safa:

“Do not reveal jewels to dogs, for they will never understand its value.”

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Syedna TUS spoke about 4 Jewels and 4 thieves. The most important of them is the ‘Jewel of Iman’ and its theif is jealousy (hasad). Jealousy drives one to the extent of denial, where he can no longer see the truth. He cannot differentiate a ‘Jewel’ from an imitation.

In light of The Quran and his Ashara bayaans, Syedna TUS has continued to carry on the ‘call’ to Dawat through
1. Wisdom (Hikmat)
2. Advice (Maw’ezat)
3. Reason/Proof (Mujadalat)

Anyone who doesn’t answer this call is blinded by heart, a heart of stone. Nay, he is worse, for even a stone understands its place.

May Allah grant our precious Moula, long and radiant life. The life of an eternal Jewel.