Huzurala TUS graced all Mumineen with countless nemats during Shehrullahil Moazzam.

Mumineen expressed their Shukr in various forms for the Nemats in Hazrat Imamiyah.

Two lucky participants were chosen by a raffle draw and were felicitated by Janab Amil Saheb.

The winners are:
Misaaq category – Ziyarat Ticket to Mumbai
Aziz bhai Ibrahim bhai Patel

Non Misaaq category – Burhani Qardana Hasana Account with 15,000rs
Rashida bhen Aliakber bhai

A special prize was presented for the youngest and most senior participant, the winners were as follows:

Youngest participants:
Zahra bhen Taher bhai (2 years)
Burhanuddin bhai Hussain bhai (H.A.B) (2 years)

Senior participant:
Banubai Mohamedally Patel (85 years)

Mubarak and Shukran to all the Mumineen who participated.

All the entries received will be presented on behalf of Colombo Mumineen as Shukr Araz, InshaAllah to Huzurala TUS, InshaAllah.