“A divine combination of fish and prawns”

SEZ Colombo arranged a special seafood lunch parcel for Mumineen to enjoy fish and prawns together on the 17th of March 2022 (poya day).

Halal fish and prawns were freshly catered for this meal. SEZ Members prayed bismillah on each and every fish and prawn. Mumineen also had the option of purchasing extra portions of fish and prawns.

The menu was as follows:

Devilled fish
Hydrabadi prawn curry
Yellow rice
Fish cutlets
Potato curry
Fried brinjal in coconut milk
Lime sorbet

More than 20+ deliveries were dispatched to Mumineen houses while the rest were pick-ups from a central location which was convenient to all.

And rightfully so, experience is everything when it comes to food! The organizing team received a positive feedback from almost all the Mumineen, it is safe to say they thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

We look forward to arranging more gastronomical experiences in the future, InshaAllah.