The SEZ Garage Sale took place on 08th April 2012 at St Anne’s Church Wattala. The Sale started at 6.30 am and went on till 4.00 p.m.

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The concept behind the Garage Sale is to collect new and used items from mumineen which are of no use to them and sell to outsiders. Whatever income generated is used for a good cause. The niyat behind this years Garage Sale is to give Muwasaat to mumineen.

Many valuable items were received from mumineen such as refrigerators, Televisions, air conditioners, Office Chairs, Furniture Items etc

We would like to thank all the mumineen for donating generously thus making the Garage Sale a success.

The Sub Committee appointed for the Garage Sale was headed by Malik ul Ashtar Mu Tayebali, and many members helped to make this event a success.