With Dua & Raza Mubarak of Huzurala (TUS), SEZ Colombo has formed a new working committee from 1441H onwards.

A big thank you to the outgoing committee for their ever-ready support in carrying out Aqa Moula’s (TUS) Khidmat.

Below is the list of the new committee:

SEZ Committee Members:
Mulla Aliasgar bhai Shaikh Abdeali bhai Mohamedally – Secretary
Abdulqadir bhai Shaikh Mustafa bhai Mu Haiderally – Joint Secretary
Moiz bhai Mustafa bhai Naria – Assistant Secretary
Mulla Hussain bhai Shaikh Mansoor bhai Manco – Treasurer
Malekulashtar bhai Shaikh Tayebally bhai Saldiwala – Joint Treasurer
Mulla Mufaddal bhai Shaikh Husain bhai Akthari – Assistant Treasurer
Mulla Juzer bhai Shaikh Nooruddin bhai Mamujee
Shaikh Aliasgar bhai Shaikh Shabbir bhai Mamujee
Mulla Hussain bhai Shaikh Shabbir bhai Plasticwala
Mulla Shabbir bhai Sajjadhusain bhai
Mulla Mufaddal bhai Shaikh Mukarram bhai Shakir
Murtaza bhai Badruddin bhai Fakrudeen
Yusuf bhai Mulla Mustafa bhai Mohammedali
Mustafa bhai Mulla Hasanali bhai Kamrudeen
Abdullah bhai Mulla Yusuf bhai Sh kurbanhussain
Mulla Mufaddal bhai Abidali
Hamza bhai Shaikh Aliasgar bhai Upriwala
Taher bhai Shaikh Aliasgar bhai Akhtari
Abdulqadir bhai Kaizar bhai Jaffnawala
Mulla Husain bhai Mulla Zoeb bhai Sh Jeewajee
Kutubkhan bhai Shabbir bhai
Abdulqadir bhai Mulla Firoz bhai Saifuddin
Mustafa bhai Taher bhai
Hassanally bhai Mohammed bhai Esufally
Mohamed bhai Moiz bhai Esmailjee
Hussain bhai Mu Fakhruddin bhai Patel

SEZ Colombo looks forward to obtaining Aqa Moula (TUS) khushi by immediately saying Labbaik to Moula’s (TUS) every farman.

Exciting projects are on the pipeline, InshaAllah with the support of all the SEZ members we look forward to beginning work.