The SEZ Adventure Club successfully organized a 2 day 1 night Camping Trip on the 29th Feb & 1st March 2020.

A total of 17 Mumineen hit the road on this adventure. The bus departed on Saturday at 6 am in the morning from Burhani Park.

For breakfast, the group stopped at a roadside kiosk for pipping hot tea, paan (bread), parippu (dhal) & pol sambol.

The group arrived at the Bambarakiri Ella Waterfall, a hidden beauty accessed by a wooden bridge. No one could resist the crystal clear water.

After a refreshing bath, the adventurers reached the campsite. A Sri Lankan themed buffet was arranged for lunch.

At the campsite, everyone assisted in putting up the tents and were treated with a BBQ dinner and bonfire!

Sunday morning breakfast was followed by a hike to the Pitawala Patana (Knuckles Conservation Forest).
Hats off to the squad for enduring a tiring hike!

The sweaty hikers then proceeded to the beautiful Sera Ella waterfall.

Lunch was from the ever-present roadside shops serving local favourites of pol roti, laveria (coconut pancakes) & refreshing Beli-Mal tea. The group then departed for Colombo.

All the participants enjoyed the trip to the core! It has captured the interest of many Mumineen and we look forward to hosting the second version of it, InshaAllah.