The second Shabab Garage Sale, was held on Sunday 22nd July 2007 at the residence of Sh Shabbir Bhai Sh Fidahussain Mamujee at 6A 1/1 Arthur¬Ęs Place, Colombo 4. This sale was mainly for the outside crowd, but mumineen too benefited from this sale, and it was a huge success due to the many donations given to us by mumineen.

There were many great items for sale, such as good condition beds, sofa sets, stereos, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, a dressing table, many ornaments, cutlery, picture frames etc.

We had advertised in 3 newspapers so that we will generate a good crowd, and we received a fair response for the sale.

We would like to thank all the mumineen who donated items for this sale and helped to make it a success, we would also like to thank Sh Shabbir Bhai Sh Fidahussain. Farida Ben, Ali Asgar Bhai and Hatim Bhai, for not only, giving us there garage to hold the sale, but also helping us in every way possible.

The main people in charge of this project were Mufaddal Sh Yusuf Bhai Saldiwala, Hussain Mu. Turabally, Mufaddal Sh Mukkarram & Huzaifa Sh Abdeali, but we also received a lot of help from. Sh Zohair Sh Hatim, Sh Huzaifa Sh Zakiyudeen, Mu. Mustafa Sh Mansoor Manco, Mu. Abbas Sh Fazlehussain, Dawood Sh Mustafa, Mu Mohammed Sh Imran, Hussain Sh Mansoor Manco, Mu Ali Asgar Sh Abdeali & Shabbir Mu Sajjadhusain.