CARNIVAL 1429 – 2008



This year the Carnival was held on the 10th and 11th of May, at the St.Albans place car park. This event is organized by Shababul Eidiz Zahabi in the Khushi of our Prophet Mohammed (SA) Meelad and Aqa Moula Syedna Mohammed Burahnuddin Sahebs 97th Meelad Mubark. This annual event is the most looked forward event by all Mumineen, Mumenaat and especially their children.


It was Mu Abbasbhai Sh Fazlehusain who came up to the challenge to head the organizing team for this years Carnival.


Months of preparation and nail biting negotiations had brought us finally to this day, a few days ago, this car park which was totally bare was now taking shape and looking more like the venue for this massive project.


The stall holders present from dawn decorating and preparing their stalls for the night, the Jolly go Merry go round and the Swan Ride almost assembled, the lights all installed just waiting for the generator to power them up, the excitement was building.


By 6pm the Carnival was all go, Janab Amil Saheb Nooruddin Bhai Saheb Zakiyuddin graced the opening ceremony at 7:30pm. Recital of The Quran Majeed, Madeh by Madrasa children and the opening speech given by the joint secretary Mu Huzaifabhai Sh Abdeali saw the ceremony begin. Janab Amil Saheb Declared the Carnival Open with the releasing of 97 Balloons held by small children to mark the 97th Meelad Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (TUS).


The first night saw a stage drama organized by Mu Taiyabi bhai and his team. The Drama was called “APPA PAPPA” and was enjoyed by young and old alike.


The stalls comprised of Trade, Food and Games.

Trade Stalls included Nel Farm, CD World, Burhani Marasiya Party

Food Stalls were Hizbe Jamali, The Food Hut, Kaleemi Khidmat Guzar, Hizbul Fallah, Hizbe Zaini, Chaat Stall, Royal Foods.

Games stalls were Game Spot, Get Gaming and Little Angels.


Mumineen, mumenaat and their children enjoyed the many rides which were provided free of charge for example the Swan Ride, Giant Wheel, Kiddies Train, Jungle Bouncer and the Jolly go Merry go round.

Like every year the Horror House was a must see attraction.


On Sunday the stage was taken up by a Great Magician, whom the kids really enjoyed.

This act was follwed by a Fire Limbo show, dazzling the crowds by spitting fire and playing with flames.


The closing ceremony was hosted by Mu Huzaifabhai Sh Abdeali, prizes were given for best Trade Stall Which went to Burhani Marasiya Party, Best Food Stall went to Chaat Stall and the best Games Stall went to Game Spot.


The closing speech was given by Mohammedbhai Sh Imran in which he thanked our sponsors for their valuable donations, mumineen, mumenaat and their children for attending this even and last but not least the untiring efforts of the Shababul Eidiz Zahabi Committee and its members for helping to make this event such a success.


Our aim is to always work towards obtaining the happiness of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS), May Allah Ta’ala always give us the strength and enthusiasm to do Aqa Moulas’ Khidmat “Jaan ane Maal Si”


May Allah Ta’ala grant our beloved Aqa Moula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb a Long and Healthy Life till the day of Qayamath. AMEEN.