Having hearts filled with Shukr for the Azeem Nemat and Sharaf of hosting Ashara Mubarak 1441H in Colombo.

SEZ Colombo had the sharaf and naseeb of doing different Khidmat leading towards and during Ashara Mubaraka 1442 as follows:

– Assisted carrying out full Jamat survey of the Mumineen who require technical assistance, tazyeen, FMB delivery and any other assistance required with the help of jamaat Masools.

– Arranged Mobile sims with data top-ups for viewing Waaz Mubarak.

-Technical assistance provided to Mumineen who required help with setting up Laptop, TV and Cable. Emergency hotlines for waaz, health emergency and FMB was set up for any urgent assistance.

– Complete set up of cable connections at many Mumineen houses.

– Assitance to Buzurgo houses with help of video team for waaz relay all 9 days.

-FMB Khidmat of filling tiffin in the morning from 5am-8am and distribution of tiffin to Mumineen houses for all 9 days.

-Daily follow up for ITS self-scan and FMB survey.

An overwhelming response of members financially and physically made all the above Khidmat smooth and possible.

Aa khidmat naseeb thai ehnu Shukr Araz kariye che.

Khuda Ta’ala, Aali Qadar Mufaddal Maula (T.U.S) ni umar sharif ne qayamat na din lag daraz ane daraz kare.