Aali Qadar Moula (TUS) visited Jaffna today. This city was well inhabited by mumeneen, but due to the war in Sri Lanka, mumeneen re-settled in Colombo. When they did araz to Aqa Moula (TUS), asking if they could leave the city and go to Colombo, Moula gave raza, but said that one day you shall return again to this city.

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Reinforcing Aqa Moula’s (TUS) words of more than 30 years ago, Aali Qadar Moula (TUS) stated in his waaz in Colombo, that the time is now ripe to go back to Jaffna to reside and restart businesses there.

Following these insightful words, Aali Qadar Moula (TUS) gave sharaf of Qadam Mubarak to Jaffna. Former Jaffna people and Anjuman Members along with mumeneen flocked there with Aali Qadar Moula (TUS).

From the helipad, Aali Qadar Moula (TUS) visited the qabrastaan in Jaffna. Moula (TUS) asked the mumeneen to grow trees there, and for the barren land next to it to be utilized in a beneficial way. This was followed by a visit to Jubilee Bazaar, property of Jamaat. Thereabouts of 25 shops make this mall and Aali Qadar Moula (TUS) bestowed it with Nazar Mubarak.

After Zohar Asr namaaz, Aali Qadar moula (TUS) did bayan in the Masjid, which stands majestic, despite the war. Aali Qadar Moula (TUS) emphasized again about residence in Jaffna and did dua. The bayaan started with shukr that Khuda (TA) has bestowed us with nemat of imaan, followed by Dua for ehle walaye Jaffna, may they prosper in that land, may their count become what it once was, in fact may it increase even more than before, may their businesses prosper, just as they are prospering now, and may they prosper even further, may they have spacious homes and bungalows and may Khuda (TA) shower barakaat on them.

Five ziyafats were held after the bayan. Jaffna people got the sharaf of giving ziyafats to Aali Qadar Moula (TUS) on their homeland and they are very thankful for the nemat.

We pray to Allah (TA) in the end may He grant Aqa Moula (TUS) and his Mansoos (TUS) – bringers of prosperity to our lives – long and healthy lives till Qayamat.

Akhbar & Photos by: Mu. Mohammed Shk Imran Bhai K. D.